Guide to buying the best video projector; Build your own home theater!

Video projectors have been used in most homes as home theaters for several years, and currently, users do not look at these electronic devices as a mere educational tool. As it is known, the presence of a very large screen is the main advantage of projectors. Different companies are constantly trying to produce and market more powerful video projectors.

By purchasing a video projector, you are actually purchasing a device that projects various images or videos by emitting visible light rays on a flat surface such as a wall. Some projectors use a lamp, and other devices create images through the radiation of an optical laser.

While surfing the Internet, you may come across the term “film projector”. In fact, this word is almost the same as video projector. However, film projectors reflect visible light onto the wall through 8 or 16 mm lenses. This term, which dates back to the 1990s, now the old film projectors have been replaced by digital models.

What points should we pay attention to in order to buy a suitable video projector for home cinema?

To buy a video projector, you need to check several issues to get the best video projector for the purpose of creating a home theater.

Ambient conditions and lighting
If you intend to buy a video projector to watch movies and series in a closed environment like a private home, you should pay attention to several parameters for a safe and quality purchase. Before buying, you should check whether the hall or room you want is suitable for installing a video projector or not. In general, the indoor space you are considering should be as dark as possible so that the video projector works properly so that you can enjoy the maximum quality and resolution of the images. Therefore, if there are many windows in the hall or room, you should cover all the windows with a suitable curtain.

Buying a video projector with 4K or FHD resolution for purposes such as home cinema is a perfect choice. Video projectors with FHD and 4K resolution may have more features such as HDR technology. Home theater video projectors should usually have a 16:9 aspect ratio. This ratio is actually considered the format of most movies and TV series. High-end home theater projectors have better aspect ratios such as 2.35:1 or 2.4:1. If you have a limited budget, you can buy projectors that have a resolution of 1080 pixels or WUXGA. This level of image resolution is suitable for watching movies and series, and on the other hand, you can analyze the various information in the graphs and charts by means of projectors.

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